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WiFi Hotspot Hosting

Benefits of a Hosted Wi-Fi Hotspot Portal

The overall benefit or goal of hosting a Wi-Fi hotspot at your location is being able to offer high-speed wireless Internet access for your customers. In addition to satisfying the needs of connectivity for your customers and visitors, you and your staff can take advantage of having a powerful media channel to reach out to your customers.

Other benefits of hosting a public Wi-Fi hotspot include:

  • Attract people to your location
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Create a private network for your own use
  • Attract People to Your Location

Hosting a Wi-Fi hotspot, in any type of business, should attract new people to your location and entice them to return and stay longer. For retail stores such as cafés and bookstores, this access helps fill empty seats. For businesses such as hotels, having Wi-Fi Internet access available for guests might be essential to prevent losing potential customers. If you are in a transportation business like buses, taxis, trains or other mobile operations having public WiFi available for you passengers is an important part of your business.

Customers find WiFi hotspots in many ways, including these:

  • Online directories
  • Software directories
  • Display signs
  • Wi-Fi finders
  • Laptop/PDAs

The best way to attract users to your hotspot is to display signs advertising that you have a hotspot at your location. These signs could simply say "Wi-Fi Hotspot Here" or "Wireless Internet Access Available."

How do you control access and  brand your WiFi Hotspots?

Each WiFi Hotspot comes with a custom home page (portal) hosted in our datacenter - which all users see when they open their web browser, and a thank-you web page - which customers will see after they successfully log in.

How Does it work?

When a user first brings up their web browser they attempt to reach some particular web page, typically their home page. The user's computer issues a DNS ("Domain Name Service") request to lookup the IP address of the specified domain. The Access Controller "re-directs" the user's session and returns the IP address of the login page on the our Captured Portal / WiFi Access Portal server. No matter what domain a user tries to go to they will be returned to the captured portal access page until the agree to terms and setup there access account.

Why not sell advertising space on these pages to local or national businesses?

Lock Media provides end to end products and services to turn your facility, bus, train, or other fixed or mobil locations into a WiFi hotspot for public wireless internet access. We take care of the end-to-end process of creating, maintaining and profiting from your WiFi hotspot. Starting with a WiFi Gateway, we can support all WiFi-enabled Laptop and PDA users. Our WiFi Gateways come complete with user authentication, subscriber billing, credit card and Prepaid Card processing, portal access branding and more!

No technical experience is required - We manage it all for you!

You can add computers or laptops, Security appliances like firewalls and content filtering solutions, Kiosk Management software, WiFi Access Points, Bridges and Repeaters, High Gain Antennas, High Power laptop wireless kit  and other WiFi solutions to expand your offering

Public WiFi Access Portal - Branded to Your Company Image

FREE Public WiFi, also called Hotspots are a convenient, easy way for your customers to use broadband internet access that is branded and controlled by your companies own messaging and terms. Using wireless technology (Wi-Fi), your customers and guests can access the internet at any of your locations. WiFi hotspots are showing up in an increasing number of places such as cafés, hotels, restaurants and retail centers around the world. And now we even have solutions for offering In-Vehicle WiFi for buses, taxi cars, trains and any other situations that requires a mobile internet connection.

How it works

Our WiFi Hotspot hosting network solution serves as a WiFi access portal for your customers while at the same time acting as a messaging platform for serving a wide variety of message types. Our clients are able to offer there customers simple public WiFi access while at the same time ensuring security and message branding for there company.

The User Experience

  • Your customers will connect to the Wi-Fi signal, launch their web browser, and see your companies "Welcome Page" that asks them to log onto your Wi-Fi network by accepting the Terms of Service (TOS). This is your first opportunity to brand you WiFi Hotspot to your corporate image and offer additional information and specials offers.
  • We then have the ability to asked them to watch a short Sponsored advertisement that you can control or message in return for receiving FREE Internet access.
  • At the end of this introductory message, the users will be redirected to your "Landing Page", which will be their actual gateway to the Internet.
  • After the session ends, they will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi and asked to log in and be directed to another messaging area in order to continue.

They are free to repeat this process as many times as they like.