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Bus Company Online Web Store and Bus Ticketing System

Lock Media's Ticket Manager Pro 4.0 - Online and Point of Sale (POS) Management Software for Bus Transportation Operations provides a complete set of tools and solutions for bus ticketing, bus tour sales, bus charter quote requests, and accounting solutions including; bus industry web store for both commercial transportation and transit bus operations along with complete Interline routing and schedule merging / transfers between participating bus companies.

Lock Media's Ticket Manager Pro 4.0© (TMP) improves on previous versions of Ticket Manager Pro in a number of ways:

  • TMP now as a complete set of .NET (web services) applications, and fully-developed Application Programming Interface (API) access available for Clients that want to:
    • design and implement their own Webstore layout
    • optimize TMP for mobile device or kiosk based customer sales
    • implement bus-side ticket sales or ticket lift functionalities
    • implement a loyalty program
    • Software Module for Publishing to the General Transit Feed Standard.

In addition, Version 4.0:

  • provides improved Customer account and transaction management
  • allows the Client complete flexibility to customize all of the text (words, phrases and sentences) throughout the Customer interface
  • provides support for presenting the Webstore in multiple language
  • provides "General Transit Feed Standard" (GTFS) Publishing Software Module and Hosted Feed services. The "General Transit Feed Standard" (often referred to as Google Transit), is an innovative platform that allows transit / bus / shuttle / scheduled route transportation service providers to post their schedules and interconnected routes onto such platforms as Google Transit Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps. In addition, these Google Transit and Bing Transit maps provide full detail on each bus stop including stop intersection street names, fares, and departure and arrival times. For more information on GTFS, Click Here

This document provides a complete overview of Ticket Manager Pro 4.0 for the Customer-facing (online Webstore) and agent-side functionalities as implemented for various clients, using those clients' business rules and processes. Further customization of TMP 4.0 is available; contact Lock Media for details and pricing.

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Bus companies today understand the value of providing customers with a full service website that includes online ticketing, boarding passes, monthly commuter passes and interline transportation sales. Lock Media's Online Ticketing System and Bus Service Web Store provides a comprehensive web based solution for bus companies to control their information, as well as their revenue and security.

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Manage and monitor your online sales from one central location, and track sales whenever and wherever they take place through our secure web based management dashboard. The Bus Company Web Store and Real Time Dashboard makes revenue management and outside ticket agent sales simple, secure and easy to manage. 

System Features Include:

  • Real-Time Bus Schedules and Fares - Ensures accurate price and schedule information 365 days a year. Provides for a ticket purchased this week for travel next month to be sold at the correct fare and on the correct schedule for that date and time.
  • Company Specific Boarding Pass and Travel Information - Attach complete travel itineraries to a passenger's boarding pass that provides both summary and detailed information about their travel plans.
  • Complete Interline Bus Scheduling - How much time and money is spent researching all available schedules to find the best travel itinerary for your customer? With our Online Bus Ticketing Solution your agents can purchase and issue tickets from all interline origin locations to all interline destination locations across all participating interline companies in seconds.
  • Tour Management Software - Helps bus companies manage there tours, serve there travelers and analyze there business from multiple angles. With our Online Bus Tour Management solution you can handle all aspects of tour management including streamlined booking and invoicing, efficient vendor and traveler communications, robust marketing segmentation and tracking, in-depth operations analysis and reporting. Even integrate your online search advertising and lead generation for tracking and managing sales.

Lock Media's Online Bus Ticketing and Transportation Management System offers a streamed line solution for your agents and customers to purchase and issue tickets from all interline origin locations to all interline destination locations. The user simply enters the trip information, and the ticket system displays schedules and fares in seconds, even when multiple schedules, carriers and transfers are used to complete your travel itinerary.

Some of the premier bus operations include such companies: 

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The following screen shots are from the Jefferson Lines Bus Ticketing deployment that includes both website sales and travel agent sales coupled with boarding pass printing and accounting operations.

Travel Agent Screen

*Travel agent sales screen with live support desk

Online Ticketing Screen

*Customer website ticketing screen

Jefferson Lines has now deployed Lock Media's Online Ticketing System and Online Travel Agent Ticketing System for managing and selling scheduled route bus service. This system was built from the ground up by Lock Media to accommodate the unique aspects of the bus travel industry. The complexity of scheduled route bus service coupled with the ability to merge multiple schedules into single products is fundamental to operational efficiency of any bus company. Lock Media's system now brings together the latetest technology integrated with scheduling, sales and boarding pass printing to provide a turnkey 21st ticketing system for there operations.

Intuitive Customer Selection Screens

Both the online website and agent ticketing system are built around a simple user interface to make complex selection information understandable for the users.

Bus Schedule Selection

*Sample screen from Customer Online Ticketing

Bus Schedule Timetable With Transfer Points

The online ticketing system allows for multiple time tables and selection points based on the customer preferred travel itinerary.

Schedule Selection Screen